Product development supervision

For a company, handling hardware and/or software product development can be difficult. Obscure technical terminologies, inaccurate planning, lack of knowledge of the development methodologies, suppliers selection and monitoring, etc, can change the achievement of an idea into an obstacle course.

In analogy to what is commonly done in construction, boXem offers a service of product hardware and/or software development supervision.

Product development supervision according to boXem

With you, we put in place a tailor-made and transparent service that will allow you to dedicate yourself to what you do best, regardless of your core business. We offer:

  • Partial or complete supervision of embedded hardware and software systems development
  • All kind of projects, from prototype to high volume production
  • Support to suppliers selection
  • Support to setup and organization of technical teams
  • Technical solutions, costs and delays supervision
  • Support to problems handling
  • Support to technical choices
  • Regular reports
  • All this from the drafting of the specifications to the final gate

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